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First Visit

Our office is different from many dental offices. We are interested in your overall health, not just your teeth. We will do a comprehensive exam including:

  1. Blood pressure/pulse check
  2. A head and neck exam and a TMJ evaluation
  3. An oral cancer screening
  4. A gum evaluation to determine what type of cleaning you will require.
  5. Photos and the necessary x-rays needed to evaluate your oral health
  6. Tooth and bite exam.
  7. A cosmetic evaluation

Will I be getting my teeth cleaned at this visit?

This answer varies from patient to patient. On most adults, the exam is done at the first visit and the doctor prescribes the type of cleaning needed.

The patient is then given a separate appointment for this. If your gum exam reveals that you have deep pockets that bleed, you may have to have more than the simple cleaning. The doctors will prescribe the appropriate type of cleaning and the number of visits you will need.